Causes of Steering Wheel Hard to Turn and Solutions

Steering is an essential section of the control mechanism when it comes to vehicles. It gives control on the path the driver needs to take the car. An issue such as steering wheel hard to turn can be risky since it can cause accidents when driving on the street with many people or vehicles or a highway.

You can imagine yourself in a position where you want to change lanes or even want to turn then the steering wheel gets stuck. It’s a terrible situation when driving on the road with mountains. Here we have listed various causes that will help to know these signs on time and take your car for service before it worsens.

Bad Steering Rack

steering rackIt’s joined to the wheel with some u-joints and shafts. All these parts as well as the rack get spoiled and tear easily due to day to day driving. In case you find that the wheel is stiff after you start the car, then the issue is in the steering rack. Your car wheel can slowly become free to steer when you keep driving. It happens since the tray is getting hot because the engine is running enhancing settling of lubrication.

Damaged Serpentine Belt

It’s another reason for a steering wheel hard to turn. The belts tear with time due to all the work every time you are driving your car. Your wheel will begin to show some stiffness when your belt becomes very loose and starts to erode. When you delay the repair, then it will make the belt break.

Break Fluid

Lack of enough fluid in your steering system is also another cause. Fluid leakage happens when the horse section starts to get loose or develops leakage. Fluid will then leak from the crack, causing reduced pressure inside the system thus causing the pump to dry out. The wheel will not get adequate fluid supply to function well.

Tire Pressure

car tireLousy air pressure can also lead to steering wheel hard to turn. Reduced tire pressure, mostly deflated tires, may also lead to this issue. It will be advisable for you to make sure that all your car tires are all inflated to the company’s recommendation.

Thick Fluid

Just like any other forms of fluid in the car, all power steering fluid carries lots of debris and dirt as time goes. Then the liquid gets too thick for it to pass smoothly and get all other vehicle parts lubricated if it’s not changed for long. It makes steering wheel very hard for you to turn it even at lowest speeds. To avoid this, make sure to remove dirty fluid from the system then refill with fresh, new fluid.

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