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Recently, map quest has completely redesigned its site and added lots of features. Both in the mobile app and desktop the changes are evident. Due to stiff competition from Bing maps, Google maps, and GPS units, mapquest classic has pushed its envelope regarding functionality and user experience. More elaborate tools that have been added to map quest to simplify the lives of users. This online site has made it easier for people to identify the unknown places they are required to travel to.

Difference between MapQuest and Other Mapping Sitesway sign

MapQuest has attempted to separate itself from competitors mainly Google. Recently it has had its focus on local discovery through the integration of a tool for reporting news called AOL patch. This tool enables users to be updated on what is happening in the particular areas that one is searching for. MapQuest Vibe uses statistics collected from shops, rates of restaurants and services provided. The results are based on user voting and offer crucial information such as Wi-Fi hotspots. For the more trendy and popular areas within the town, the score of walkability is given.

Recent Advancements

According to recent news, a new enhancement was announced to the live traffic feature which is popular. This is available in more than 100 markets, and one can view traffic conditions through cameras approximately 11000 thus making traveling safer and easier for most people. Every few minutes, camera images are updated once someone clicks on the live traffic icon. This is then made available on map quest mobile and the web in the future. There is also a wide array of information and tools for traveling such as gas prices, local search and route planning. To become updated it is important to check on the new developments on their blog, Twitter, and Facebook page to master the unique features.

MapQuest provides business and mobile applications as well as web-based applications to more than 16 million people in every highway month. It is one of the top online sites that offer mapping services. It gives users driving directions, local search, and some mobile applications. Most people consider this site as one that offers most accurate services on mapping.…

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