Where to Find Drivers ed Classes in Las Vegas

Depending on where you live, you can easily complete the driving education class online in a licensed private facility, with your guardian or parent or within your school. Most of the courses combine reading, watching videos, practicing driving in a simulator and taking quizzes.

Readingdriving instructor with student inside a car

Most drivers ed classes require students to read driving education textbooks. The Students have to spend half of their learning time sitting in a classroom taking notes and also reading on topics that include the state law, signals, traffic signs and defensive driving, driving etiquette, and dangers related to driving when intoxicated.

The quizzes

There are programs that require each student to complete a questionnaire or quiz after completing each chapter for them to demonstrate learning. The quizzes are either open book or closed book, and they can also include some other topics on other class activities outside the textbook.


Driving testClass discussions highly differ from school to school, but you should expect a teacher or a staff member to conduct a discussion on the core driving concepts. For example, after you have watched a video as a class, the instructor should conduct a discussion to ensure that all the students have understood the video salient and the instructions.


In driver education classes, films are the commonest form of media used although there are some schools that creatively incorporate some video games, magazines and even music. Most driver education classes need students to watch films related to driver safety and also driving while intoxicated. Mostly these videos show disturbing car crashes close-ups and sustained injuries as a result of driving while intoxicated.

Driving simulation

There are some driving education classes that offer a chance for students to practice their driving in a simulator before taking to the road or as an addition to the hours that they spend on the road. However, a student may also substitute four hours simulator time for an hour of outside driving time.

How long is the driving time?woman using driving simulation

Most drivers ed in Las vegas students choose the weekly driving lessons or the typical method of learning to drive. This takes about 30 to 40 hours before reaching the text standard. 2×1.5 hours in a week can allow you to easily reach the text standard in about 2 to 3 months which also depends on your ability. By choosing a single lesson in a week, you can take up to six months before reaching the text standard.

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